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Styl życia Health & Fitness
Desenvolvedor: 8-Alarm

8-ALARM is a bioacoustic alarm clock based on the sounds influence on the human health and activity.

In medical circles, is widely known the results of studies of Japanese scientists demonstrating health improvement and increase in the amount of milk for nursing mothers from listening to classical or folk songs. Sound therapy is being widely used by medical practitioners. Proper selection of music is being actively engaged by many sports and fitness trainers, massage salons and SPAs.

We have thoroughly built and tested a set of sound compositions that would gently wake you up in the morning and ensure fresh and positive outlook.

Efficiency of 8-ALARM has been appreciated by known athletes, business people, active students and drivers on long journeys.

- Sound level of the alarm is being automatically adjusted in accordance with a comfortable model for awakening.

- No cables, sensors and devices under the pillow. Simply place the unit near the bed, turning microphone and speaker to you.

- Top 20 Downloads on the Sweden market.

- Recommended by physiologists.

- Adapted to IOS 4. Alarm works, even if the application is inactive or off.

- Alarm duration does not exceed 30 seconds. So, there is no need to jump out of bed and turn off the alarm.

- 10 sound compositions to choose from

- Implemented exclusively on the iPhone / iPod (other platforms can not guarantee correct sound playback)